PIC/S GMP Training and Annexes Courses

Are you looking to improve your knowledge and understanding of GMP compliance? These courses are suitable for a wide range of individuals working in the pharmaceutical industry, including managers, supervisors, quality assurance personnel, and production staff.

Upgrade your GMP Knowledge and Skills with the PIC/S GMP and Annexes Training Courses

The PIC/S GMP Training and Annexes eLearning courses are a comprehensive educational program that is designed to help individuals and teams gain a thorough understanding of the requirements and regulations that are associated with working with finished medicinal products or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). The aim of the courses is to ensure that individuals working in the pharmaceutical industry have the knowledge and skills necessary to comply with GMP guidelines and regulations, which are in place to ensure the safety, efficacy, and quality of pharmaceutical products.

The Online GMP eLearning courses cover a wide range of topics, including the principles of GMP, the organisation and management of a GMP-compliant facility, the documentation and record-keeping requirements, and the inspection process. It also includes detailed information on the requirements for specific types of products, such as sterile products, biological products, and APIs. Additionally, the eLearning courses includes a number of Annexes which provide more detailed information on specific GMP topics such as Validation, Qualification, Sterilization, Complaints, and Recalls.

Don’t Break the Budget on GMP Training for your Team!

Our cost-effective online GMP training allows your team to learn at their own pace and on a schedule that suits, saving you both time and money. Reach out to discuss how we can get your team up and running in no time with a cost-effective training program developed just for them.

Online GMP Training and Annexes Courses

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The online training on Annex 17 – Parametric Release was easy to follow and comprehend. The best thing about the training material is that the trainee can opt to go back to the previous slides/presentation in case something was missed or misheard.
Great online training courses and a very responsive/helpful team that helped to get me set up to assign training courses to 20+ team members and track their progress.
Cameron Hardie
This was a great find for me to quickly learn about GMP prior to a job interview. The information is good and fairly detailed. The quizzes throughout the lesson are helpful as well as the final assessment.
Sherri Scott


Learn at your own pace and schedule, 365 days access to courses


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