10 Golden Rules of GMP

10 Golden Rules of GMP


A high level introduction to the 10 Golden Rules of GMP.


The 10 Golden Rules of GMP

This interactive e-Learning / online GMP training course on the 10 golden rules of GMP provides a straightforward guide to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). It is useful for all personnel who work within almost all GMP regulated environment.

The Good Manufacturing Practice regulations that govern pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing can seem overwhelming. Use these ten golden rules to drive your day-to-day operations, keeping them in mind whenever you make decisions that have GMP implications. This course is accompanied by a white paper is an ideal refresher for the experienced GMP professional or great training material for the newbie.


  • Golden Rule#1 Get the facility design right from the start
  • Golden Rule#2 Validate processes
  • Golden Rule#3 Write good procedures and follow them
  • Golden Rule#4 Identify who does what
  • Golden Rule#5 Keep good records
  • Golden Rule#6 Train and develop staff
  • Golden Rule#7 Practice good hygiene
  • Golden Rule#8 Maintain facilities and equipment
  • Golden Rule#9 Build quality into the whole product lifecycle
  • Golden Rule#10 Perform regular audits


After successful completion of each course in the bundle the trainee will have the option of printing or saving a personalised training certificate that meet general PIC/S and EU GMP regulatory expectations.


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