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Our GMP Induction eLearning training program is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the regulations and guidelines for good manufacturing practices (GMP) in the pharmaceutical and related industries. This training is ideal for new employees, as well as for individuals who want to refresh their knowledge of GMP principles and requirements.

Our training program is fully online, and can be completed at the participant’s own pace. It includes interactive modules, quizzes, and case studies to help learners apply their knowledge and test their understanding.

The training covers key GMP topics such as quality control, sanitation, and documentation, as well as more specific topics like GMP for sterile products, biotechnology, and medical devices. Our program is based on current GMP regulations and guidelines from major regulatory bodies such as the FDA, EU and WHO.

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The Online GMP Training modules are very well done! I am responsible for the selection and execution of our training program and find the options very good for both new people entering the pharmaceutical manufacturing business and for seasoned employees requiring annual retraining.
Sheri Tran
Very professional company and quick to respond. A variety of GMP related courses targeting at staff with all levels of experience and skills. I would recommend to anyone in the pharmaceutical industry who has not the ability to receive a physical training. I am sure that in the near future the personnel of my department will receive some additional courses.
Marios Genak
Awesome company, very professional and quick to respond. Executive summary courses aimed at staff with all levels of experience and skills. Issue a certificate at the end. Would recommend to anyone in the pharmaceutical industry.
Sandy Bye


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