Cancellations and refund policy

As our general policy is that we will work with you to attempt to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome, however we do reserve the right to change the date or speakers or program from that described as from time to time this is unavoidable.

We also reserve the right in our absolute discretion and without further liability to cancel the program, in which case all event fees will be refunded but no travel related expenses will be reimbursed.

We do not provide refunds if you cancel as described below, as this enables us to keep our costs and prices to a minimum.

We strongly suggest you send a replacement.

1. Payment

1.1. Event, forum or course payment are due prior to the commencement date unless prior arrangements have been made, ticked the “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions” box on check out.

1.2. All fees and charges are payable in US dollars ($US), via the online payment gateway, upon receipt of invoice, payment terms for training is 7 days.

1.3. Non-payment of monies owing may result in cancellation of enrollment, fines or other penalties and recovery of the outstanding amount through debt collection.

2. Cancellation and refund

2.1. All course cancellations must be in writing (notice of cancellation)

2.2. Cancellation by Participant

2.2.1 The effective date of the notice of cancellation is the date it is received by PharmOut

2.2.2 If the notice of cancellation is received (effective date):

  • more than 14 days* prior to the course commencement date: 100% of the course fee will be refunded
  • between 7 – 14 days* prior to the course commencement date: 50% of the course fee will be refunded
  • less than 7 days* prior to the course commencement date: 0% of the course fee will be refunded
  • single session conferences, workshops and events may have different cancellation terms depending on individual event requirements.

2.3. Cancellation by the PharmOut

2.3.1 PharmOut reserves the right to cancel any course that does not meet the minimum enrollment numbers; or in the event of exceptional circumstances however this will not be less than 7* days prior to the training date

2.3.2 Where cancellation occurs, PharmOut will provide (where possible) alternative dates for course delivery; or similar courses; or a full refund of the course fees

2.3.3 PharmOut will not be responsible for consequential costs or any travel related expenditure resulting from cancelled courses

* Refers to all days, including weekends and public holidays.