Medicinal Cannabis Series 1

Medicinal Cannabis Series 1


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*This Series of 6 courses is available now. These 6 modules are best taken sequentially. They should be followed up with Series 2.  Register and start learning today.



Medicinal Cannabis Online Training Series 1

Online training courses for the Medicinal Cannabis sector are suitable for anyone interested in learning more about the medicinal cannabis cultivation industry.

Series 1 (described below) consists of 6 Certificate Courses focused on the foundations of the Medicinal Cannabis sector including an introduction to GACP and GMP regulations. Series 2 is described separately.

Series 1 online training courses are available NOW.

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Academy Series 1 includes the following six (6) modules:

Module 1 (Available Now)

Medicinal Cannabis Industry Orientation

  • Licencing, permits and regulatory requirements
  • Introduction to roles of Office of Drug Control (ODC) and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
  • Overview of industry-specific regulations and guidelines in medicinal cannabis cultivation and production
Module 2 (Available Now)

Workplaces & Zones in the Medicinal Cannabis Sector

  • Site selection criteria
  • Facility Designs, Site Layouts and Zones
  • Cultivation and Post-Harvest Zones
  • Cross-contamination and Security risks
  • Introduction to Quality Risk Management
  • Chemicals and Storage Requirements
  • Personnel Roles and Responsibilities
Module 3 (Available Now)

Workplace Health and Safety in Medicinal Cannabis

  • Cannabis Industry WHS: Hazards and Risk Reduction Strategies
  • Responsibilities of Personnel and Management
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Handling of Chemicals and Dangerous Goods
  • WHS Communication and Consultation Basics
Module 4 (Available Now)

Security Overview in the Medicinal Cannabis Sector

  • Importance of Security in Medicinal Cannabis Sector
  • Security Systems and Surveillance Requirements
  • Security Breach Reporting Responsibilities, Laws
  • Security Risk Management
Module 5 (Available Now)

Botany Basics

  • Introduction to Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP)
  • Botany Basics
  • The Cannabis Plant
  • Cannabis Species and Contemporary Varieties
  • Trichome Biology
  • Plant Inputs: Cultivation of Herbal Medicines
Module 6 (Available Now)

Growing Cannabis: Cultivation

  • Cannabis growth stages
  • Propagation
  • Cultivation Across the Lifecycle
  • Lighting and Environmental Controls
  • Climate Control Tools and Systems
  • Growing Systems
  • Plant Stressors

Our Medicinal Cannabis online courses are suitable for anyone interested in knowing more about the requirements of the Cannabis Industry.

Each Medicinal Cannabis online training module will provide learners with an overview of the topic. This foundational cannabis industry knowledge is designed to be combined with specific onsite training and direct Supervision in the workplace.

Course Duration: Each of the 6 eLearning modules in Series 1 can take from 30 to 120 minutes each to complete; including the Final Assessment, which provides you with a Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing the Assessment. However, this is only a general estimate of learning time. Times will vary depending on numerous factors, including the topic, pre-existing knowledge, and learner specific traits.

Purchasing the series gives you access to the courses online for up to 12 months. You can review the courses as often as you’d like within that time frame. One user per purchase.

Medicinal Cannabis: Online Certificate Courses

Upon successful completion of the Final Assessment for each Medicinal Cannabis online eLearning module, you can download a Certificate of Completion for that course topic.

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