Medicinal Cannabis Industry Overview (eMCCA101)

Medicinal Cannabis Industry Overview (eMCCA101)


What’s covered:

  • Medicinal Cannabis Industry Overview
  • History of Legalisation
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • GACP/GMP Regulations and Compliance
  • Patient Access to Medicinal Cannabis


Cannabis Industry Training Courses

eMCCA101-112 (this is module 1 of the online medical cannabis training courses)

This online Medicinal Cannabis training course aims to provide you with an overview of the medicinal cannabis cultivation sector.

The module is a good starting point for introducing individuals, investors and others seeking employment (or currently working in) the medicinal cannabis sector.

This Certificate Course will introduce you to regulations and regulatory authorities (such as the FDA, TGA, EMA and MHRA), cultivation licencing basics (with examples from various countries such as Australia’s ODC), how pharmaceutical cannabis products are used in medications, and the importance of Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to avoid contaminated products and pharmaceutical cannabis product recalls.

The aim of this online Medicinal Cannabis training module is to help learners gain an overview of the medicinal cannabis industry. This module makes a great induction course when combined with onsite training.  It can be taken as a single unit of study but is best completed along with the other 11 cannabis courses (6 courses in eMCCA Series 1 and 6 courses in eMCCA Series 2).

After completing this medicinal cannabis training module, learners will:

  • Be familiar with basic factors impacting the medicinal cannabis industry including regulations
  • Recognise some of the regulatory authorities and specific regulations, and cannabis licensing and permit requirements that employers and employees, contractors and suppliers must comply with and which can be inspected or audited by the Authorities such as the TGA (Australia) or FDA (USA) and other authorities in various jurisdictions
  • Become familiar with quality management systems (QMS) and quality risk management (QRM) processes
  • Recognise the need for GMP and GACP compliance cultures in the cannabis cultivation and/or pharmaceutical cannabis manufacturing workplaces

Disclaimer: These courses are for education purposes only and should be combined with onsite training and close Supervision at the cannabis cultivation site or manufacturing facility. A Certificate of Completion is available on successful completion of eMCCA101 and the other 11 modules in the online Medicinal Cannabis Training Series.


Duration of eMCCA101 – Introduction course for employment in the Medicinal Cannabis Industry/sector

Timeframes and estimates for course completion:  Course completion times will vary from person to persona and module to module.

Average online course duration: Most of our online courses average from 2 to 4 hours to complete (each training module)  but some may take longer and some may take only 9o minutes. Online course completion times will vary based on your previous knowledge, your learning style, individual learning capacities and learning preferences, and the depth of content in each of the 12 online cannabis training modules.

For eMCCA101 – Medicinal Cannabis Industry Introduction – the average course completion timeframe (duration) is approximately 2 to 3.5 hours, including completing the Final Assessment in order to gain your downloadable/printable cannabis course Certificate of Completion.

Note the Certificate of Completion is not a statement of competency but a statement you have successfully completed the online theoretical knowledge module; for education purposes only and best combined with onsite training and completed in conjunction with the full medicinal cannabis training series and other herbal medicine GMP and GACP induction courses.

The cannabis course training series provides a comprehensive overview of the Medicinal Cannabis sector and are best taken as a Series of 12 courses (6 in Series 1 and 6 in Series 2).