Transplanting Cannabis Plants (eMCCA109)

Transplanting Cannabis Plants (eMCCA109)


What’s covered in this Transplanting Cannabis Plants online training module:

  • Preparation for transplanting cannabis plants
  • Transplanting cannabis clones and seedlings
  • Acclimatisation of recent cannabis transplants to avoid ‘transplant shock’
  • Medicinal Cannabis Industry transplant workstations
  • Documentation, inventory and storage requirements in the Cannabis Industry
  • Track and Trace Systems, Tags and Labels for cannabis plant recordkeeping


Transplanting Cannabis Plants: Medicinal Cannabis Industry

  • What specific crop care requirements apply when transplanting cannabis plants (such as seedlings and clones) when working in the Medicinal Cannabis industry?
  • How can you avoid transplantation-related plant acclimation problems, such as using transplanting protocols, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), and adjusting climate controls (lighting, temperature, CO2) watering schedules, nutrients and other crop care adjustments?
  • What needs to be considered what transplanting cannabis plants, to help reduce the risks of transplant shock for cannabis plants?
  • Other aspects of medicinal cannabis plant care in relation to transplanting plants into larger pots or containers, while preventing pests and diseases and contamination risks

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