Workplaces and Zones in the Medicinal Cannabis Sector (eMCCA102)

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Course duration: allow 1 to 2 hours to complete this course.

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What’s covered in the Workplaces and Zones course in the medicinal cannabis training Series:

  • Site selection criteria
  • Facility Designs, Site Layouts and Zones
  • Cultivation and Post-Harvest Zones
  • Cross-contamination and Security risks
  • Introduction to Quality Risk Management
  • Chemicals and Storage Requirements
  • Personnel Roles and Responsibilities

Medicinal cannabis industry workplaces and zones: an online cannabis industry course for cannabis industry employees and jobseekers.

Module 2 of the 12 Modules in the Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation industry training course Series explores the different types of cannabis workplaces and zones you are likely to encounter if you gain employment in the Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation industry.

This Certificate Course will introduce you to site selection criteria, facility layouts, security/restricted access requirements, site visitor procedures, handling deliveries, and separate workplace zones that help meet regulatory requirements governed by Government Regulatory Authorities such as the FDA, TGA, EMA or MHRA), depending on your jurisdiction. Taking the 12 modules will help you better understand compliance requirements with Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), including how to produce a quality crop free from pesticides and contamination (which helps avoid cannabis recalls).

The aim of this online Medicinal Cannabis training module is to help learners gain an overview of the medicinal cannabis industry. This module makes a great induction course when combined with onsite training.  It can be taken as a single unit of study but is best completed along with the other 11 cannabis courses (6 courses in eMCCA Series 1 and 6 courses in eMCCA Series 2).

This online medical cannabis training course explores workplaces and zones in the sector, including the following topics.

  • Site selection criteria – what factors influence the decision-making of cannabis sector business owners and operational managers
  • Facility Designs, Site Layouts, Workplaces and Zones – how cross-contamination risks are avoided through good facility design choices and strategic workflows
  • Cultivation and Post-Harvest Zones – facility layouts, structures, and strategic workflows
  • Cross-contamination and Security risks – why Security (covered in Module 4 of 12) is so important in the cannabis sector
  • Introduction to Quality Risk Management

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Workplaces and Zones in the Medicinal Cannabis Industry/sector

Course duration: Allow 1 to 2 hours to complete this course. 

Note the Certificate of Completion is not a statement of competency but a statement you have successfully completed the online theoretical knowledge module; for education purposes only and best combined with onsite training and completed in conjunction with the full medicinal cannabis training series and other herbal medicine GMP and GACP induction courses.