Medicinal Cannabis Industry Training Courses – Series 2 (Crop Care and Harvesting)

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Course duration: Allow up to 15 hours to complete all 6 courses in the Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Series 2.

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Medicinal cannabis industry training courses covering crop care, harvesting & post-harvesting

These six (6) eLearning modules for Cannabis Crop Care and Harvesting activities should be commenced after the successful completion of the Cannabis Cultivation industry orientation courses in Series 1.

These Medicinal Cannabis Industry orientation training courses were developed by the leading global Cannabis Industry Consultants at PharmOut PTY LTD.

These online courses are a convenient and economical way to familiarise yourself with industry requirements (and/or to induct your employees and seasonal contractors into the cannabis industry).

  • Series 2 in the Cannabis Industry training program of online courses contains Modules 7 through 12 of the 12-part series
  • These online Certificate Courses for the cannabis sector make excellent induction training resources for cannabis industry job seekers, employees, employers and others who seek to work in cannabis cultivation sectors or similar pharmaceutical cannabis cultivation or production environments
  • Note these courses are intended to be taken sequentially, in order, and comprise Modules 1-12.

Pre-requisites for Series 2 in the Medicinal Cannabis Training Course:

Before completing Series 2 of the Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training course, you should have already completed  Series 1 (Modules 1-6) in the online training program for the sector

You can click on each of the modules in this series to learn more about what each training course contains.

Online training courses – average completion time frames for eLearning modules

  • Each cannabis industry training topic will typically take between 30 to 180 minutes to complete.
  • However, average online course completion times can vary, depending on your learning style, previous knowledge of the topic being studied, and other factors that impact your learning.

You can purchase these courses online, and start learning today!

Series 2 eLearning Modules for Medicinal Cannabis Industry training

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Academy Training (MCCA)

cannabis crop maintenance for medicinal cannabis

Module 7

Preparing to Grow: Good Recordkeeping Procedures 

Before you can grow crops for medicinal production purposes, you need to learn what’s required in terms of regulations and record-keeping. Module 7 takes the knowledge you gained in Series 1 a bit further, and shows you what you’ll need to know about incoming goods and quarantine procedures, good recordkeeping practices including visitor logs, and more!

Duration: Allow 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours

Module 8

Medicinal Cannabis Propagation

Keeping a steady crop supply to meet pharmaceutical production needs – or industry supply contracts – has more components than you might think. This module gives you an orientation to propagation requirements in the sector, including by seeds, cloning and tissue culture methods.

Duration: Allow 1 hour to 2 hours

Module 9

Transplanting Cannabis Plants Across Life Cycle

Plants are living, growing things – that often need transplanting at some stage of their life cycle (before flowering and harvesting). Find out what you need to know about transplanting activities, and plant shock risk factors, on cannabis sites.

Duration: Allow 1 hour to 2 hours

Module 10

Plant Pests and Diseases: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Medicinal crops are governed by very specific regulations in terms of pest controls and disease management. Crop materials must undergo stringent testing before they are used for pharmaceutical production, so your pest and disease management options are often limited. Find out the common pest prevention and disease prevention measures used when growing cannabis crops for pharmaceutical use.

Duration: Allow 3 hours to 5 hours

Module 11

Medicinal Cannabis Crop Maintenance

Plants need intensive daily care. This includes scouting, adjusting crop inputs including CO2, reducing pollination risks, and otherwise keeping plants healthy and thriving.

Duration: Allow 2 hours to 3 hours

Module 12

Harvesting and Post-Harvesting of Medicinal Cannabis including Green Waste

Your entire team has invested months of their time and energy into growing a productive crop. But what happens during the harvesting period?

Duration: Allow 1 hour to 2 hours

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