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10 Ways to Cut Your Training Costs for GMP

How do you ensure your employee’s GMP orientation and refresher course attendance is up to date… yet keep your training and development budget under control?  In today’s top blog about online learning, we discuss 10 ways to cut your training costs for GMP requirements. We discuss affordable GMP training methods for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Medical […]


e-Learning Cost Comparisons: GMP Online Training Options

This article describes GMP online training options. It compares the benefits of e-learning delivery methods with classroom training sessions in terms of knowledge retention, costs and downtime. Industry focus: pharmaceutical manufacturing, veterinary medicines, food production, and medicinal cannabis cultivation compliance. Reading time: 4 minutes. GMP Online Training e-Learning Options for compliance training GMP e-learning courses […]


Blended Learning Theory, 70:20:10 and ‘the forgetting curve’: GMP Training

Blended Learning Theory, 70:20:10 and ‘the forgetting curve’ – how it impacts your GMP training for employees and why online GMP training options can help knowledge retention. Definition of ‘the forgetting curve’ and how blended learning theory | GMP If you’re investigating GMP online training options versus classroom instruction, you may have already heard about […]


Award-Winning GMP Training Courses

Are you looking for an award-winning GMP training option for your Pharma training or API? The votes are in! Maria Mylonas is one of the world's most sought-after instructors for GMP training courses around the globe. Worldwide GMP Training Courses:  Maria Mylonas and PharmOut's innovative training options including e-learning Based on extensive industry surveys and [...]
By Steve Williamson | GMP Training

Lights, Camera, Action… 4 ways to use video for GMP Training

Remember the days where training was something that only happened in the classroom? Well the learning landscape has definitely changed with the introduction of mobile devices, placing training materials directly in the palm of our hands. I don’t know about you, but YouTube has been great for my informal learning. From learning how to replace […]