Are you a security guard, currently out of work due to Covid-19 changes to the entertainment industry? Have you thought about applying for jobs in the Medicinal Cannabis Security Industry? Or perhaps studying to become an expert in Security Services for this sector? Before you embark on your new career path, you’ll need to have fundamental Medicinal Cannabis Industry Security training.

Sector-specific knowledge is necessary in order to compete in the job market.  And the cannabis industry job market is increasingly competitive in response to recent changes.

Protecting herbal medicine crops and cannabis site personnel is a major responsibility. Other conditions apply to successfully gaining employment in the pharmaceutical cannabis sector. Expect thorough background checks and police checks if you decide to apply for any job openings in the cannabis industry, including Onsite and Transportation Security positions.

Strict hiring criteria is a crucial component of ensuring safety and security in the medicinal cannabis industry. You’ll discover more about industry roles, regulatory responsibilities, personnel hiring criteria, and crop cultivation basics in our Series 1 and Series 2 online training programs.

But before you can get started, you’ll need to understand the basics.

The starting point for Security personnel applying for Medicinal Cannabis Industry Security job openings: Employee Induction Training

Professionals seeking to provide security services need to first gain a thorough understanding of Cannabis Industry regulations and other specifics.

Fortunately, there’s a way to learn about the sector from the comfort of your home or office. The newly released Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Academy (MCCA) training courses provide a wealth of industry-specific information.

security certificate training online course

Series 1 and Series 2 provide a comprehensive orientation to Cannabis Industry roles and responsibilities. These online courses provide foundational knowledge across a wide range of industry topics. These training courses can assist future employees and newly-hired contractors to understand the many facets and regulations that govern this evolving industry.

Courses are suitable for anyone with an interest in the Pharmaceutical Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing Sectors.

They are recommended to be completed as a Series, in sequential order; before seeking employment in the industry and/or in conjunction with onsite training.

GACP and GMP regulations have far-reaching impacts on day-to-day cannabis operations.

Yet compliance requirements are often underestimated by cannabis-sector job seekers as well as new cannabis licence applicants.

Our GMP courses help reduce common knowledge gaps in the sector. The Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Series 1 and 2 are highly recommended for anyone considering entering the cannabis sector, in any position, in any region of the globe.

For job seekers in the cannabis industry, pre-job application knowledge should include many facets.

These include cultivation licence application procedures through Government regulatory authorities, operator legal responsibilities, potential audits by the TGA, FDA, EMA, and other global Regulators, and workplace health and safety requirements unique to cultivation settings. Additional information, such as personnel hiring criteria, GMP training requirements, pharmaceutical cultivation regulations (European and PICS GMP, GACP, more) and Security Requirements for cannabis industry licence holders is also helpful.

That’s a lot to learn, but we’ve got you covered in our newly released 12-series online training modules.

Jobs in security guard services medical industry

Medicinal Cannabis Industry Security Training eLearning

Onsite security responsibilities are introduced in Module 3.

Module 3 is part of a 12-Series Training Course for Medicinal Cannabis Industry employees, vendors, suppliers or job applicants.

Cannabis Industry Security Training course topics:

  • Importance of Security in Medicinal Cannabis Sector
  • Site designs, workflows and procedures that reduce security risks
  • Personnel training and diversion prevention
  • Incident Reporting and Visitor Recordkeeping
  • Security Systems and Surveillance Requirements
  • Security Breach Reporting Responsibilities
  • Regulations and Security Risk Management

Getting your Security Training Certificate of Completion for Cannabis Industry Security training fundamentals.

This course does not provide you with a formal qualification as there is not actually a formal qualification for medicinal cannabis security at this time — it is still a new, rapidly evolving industry.

However, this Security Professional training course (online versions) will help you gain fundamental knowledge of the Cannabis Industry’s security requirements.

security job openings training certificate- cannabis industry training Academy

FAQS about the Security training module and entire eLearning series

How many courses are there in the entire learning Series?

  • There are 12 courses in total in the full 12-session Training Series for this industry, 6 modules in each series
  • You will be provided with a Certificate of Completion for each successfully completed training module (upon Final Online Assessment completion)
  • The Online GMP Training Store also provides additional courses in GMP compliance for herbal medicine cultivation, medicine manufacturing, and other pharmaceutical training fundamentals for employees

Can I take the Security Training course as a stand-alone course or do I need the entire 12-module package?

Yes, you can take this course individually.  However, while you can take this training as a stand-alone single course, it is highly recommended that professionals wanting to enter the cannabis industry as a Security Professional or other employee, complete the entire 12-part eLearning Series for Medicinal Cannabis Industry training.

Content and Duration: Each module will take learners approximately 1 hour to 3 hours to complete (average completion times are 1-2 hours each module), but this can vary due to numerous factors such as pre-existing knowledge, learning styles, learning capacity, and more.  On average, allow at least 90 minutes to 2.5 hours for each of the 12 courses. But depending on your learning style and background, some courses may take you less time, and some may take you more time. You can retake the Final Assessment if you are not successful on your first attempt.  Once completed successfully, you can then save, print and download a customised Certificate of Completion for the completed topic (12 Certificates in total if you complete the entire 12-part Series).


How much do these online training courses cost?

Once you purchase the course, you can get started right away.

  • Simply place your order, then check your emails for your site log-in details from
  • Search all email folders if you don’t see these details within 5 minutes of finalising your online order payment; or contact us if needed
  • For specific online training course costs including GMP courses, click here, and scroll down to the Series 1 and 2 sections.


Does the course give me any type of formal qualification in Cannabis Industry Security?

No; there is no formally recognised qualification at this point in time. But having a Certificate of Completion does give proof of industry training completion in the topic (not competency, but completion).

CERTIFICATE COURSES for Cannabis Industry Security Training: What this means for learners 

Being Certificate of Completion Courses means that, upon successful completion of the course and the Final Assessment (available online, one Certificate per module/per enrollee), you will be able to save, print and/or download your Certificate of Completion for each of the Medicinal Cannabis Industry Training courses you successfully complete.

  • This is not a statement of your competency and is foundational knowledge only.
  • But it does provide evidence of successful completion of industry-specific training courses.
  • And all courses are designed to be used alongside onsite training courses and site-specific Supervision, due to the high value of cannabis crops and final products. So these training courses are excellent for a blended training experience.

Further reading:

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Discover outdoor cannabis crop risks (an overview).

Getting started in the Medicinal Cannabis Industry: Training Options

How to get started learning about security requirements for herbal medicine crops including Medicinal Cannabis Security requirements for licence-holders and Export Operations.

For more information on this newly released Cannabis Industry Certificate Course online training option, read this blog describing the Workplace Health & Safety responsibilities and other module descriptions including Botany Basics, Risk Management, and more.

To purchase the Medicinal Cannabis Industry Security Training Course (online) and get started today, visit the online GMP and GACP training store and scroll down until you see the Series 1 and Series 2 training packages.

Note that the Security Training Course for the Medicinal Cannabis Industry is the 3rd of 12 total modules in this training series (the third of six modules in Series 1).

For Series 2, covering advanced topics such as transplanting cannabis plants, managing pests and diseases, and harvesting activities, click here.



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