Award-Winning GMP Training Courses

Award-Winning GMP Training Courses

Are you looking for an award-winning GMP training option for your Pharma training or API? The votes are in! Maria Mylonas is one of the world’s most sought-after instructors for GMP training courses around the globe.

Worldwide GMP Training Courses:  Maria Mylonas and PharmOut’s innovative training options including e-learning

Based on extensive industry surveys and client feedback monitoring over several years, GMP Learning & Development expert Maria Mylonas has been voted the World’s Best GMP Trainer for award-winning feedback on her GMP trainings.

  • Maria Mylonas provides quality, interactive international and Australia-wide GMP training courses that attract highly-positive feedback from a wide variety of participants
  • She also is in demand for numerous onsite training courses as well as public GMP courses in Australia and across the globe
  • Participants state they adore her training style and personalised case-study approach, while ensuring coverage of GMP, GACP, Pharma 4.0, and other crucial quality assurance and safety-related topics are covered in classes for individuals working in API, Pharma, manufacturing, processing, cannabis cultivation and related sectors

PharmOut’s GMP training Courses are now regularly selling out in advance. If you want to attend a training on a specific date or specific GMP topic, we strongly recommend booking well in advance to save your place.

GMP Training Course Reviews and Ratings (Classroom and Online)

Comment from the training quality monitoring team at PharmOut about GMP course feedback and reviews:

PharmOut has been innundated with highly positive feedback and top reviews of GMP courses. We have reached elevated training course participant satisfaction ratings since Maria Mylonas, Learning and Development Director, came onboard in July of 2017. Maria’s also spearheading current updates to online training options for PHARMA and related organisations and the Medicinal Cannabis Academy training program.

GMP training course reviews

What clients say about Maria Mylonas’s courses at PharmOut






What we say at PharmOut:

With a little tongue and cheek the phrase ‘Worlds Greatest GMP Trainer‘ has been bandied around the office. Occasionally by Maria herself!

In honour of this lofty title and in view of the amazingly positive course feedback in reviews of GMP courses, we thought Maria deserved her own BLOG POST in recognition.

Our goal is to get this phrase found in the search results so that there is no doubt about the title. We all know everything you read on the web must be true, there is no space for fake news in the world of GMP! The wall plaque for her office is still in the design phase, the discussion around platinum or gold are ongoing, but the wording has been decided.

And hundreds of GMP training participants have spoken in terms of GMP course reviews and participant satisfaction ratings.

The votes are in! And Maria Mylonas is, in our view, the world’s greatest GMP trainer!

If you want award-winning GMP training for your employee teams for GMP, GACP or medicinal cannabis cultivation or exportation businesses, contact us today for custom training by Maria Mylonas or visit our GMP training open-to-the-public. There are also online GMP courses (Certificate Courses) for blended learning experiences and 70:20:10 training delivery approaches.

PharmOut is also hosting upcoming Cannabis Cultivation forums in Australia and worldwide.

For top-rated online GMP training, visit our store.

Read about the cost and time-saving benefits of online GMP courses.

Maria Mylonas Worlds Greatest GMP Trainer

In all honesty, the title is very deserving. Maria has elevated PharmOut’s training offerings over the last year with her passion and pizazz. Backed by a team of skilled professionals we offer On-site Classroom Training, Public Training Courses, and eLearning through a dedicated Learning Management Platform Online GMP Training.

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