Many individuals who love plants, and enjoy working independently outdoors, hear about the medicinal cannabis industry and start to apply for cannabis jobs. But what, exactly, are the different cannabis jobs that are available in cannabis companies around the world?

And what skills, experience and knowledge are required for applicants seeking to gain one of the job openings in the cannabis industry?

Here’s a brief overview of what applicants should learn before applying for a job in cannabis organisations, including job openings listed by cannabis cultivation companies in the USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and other regions of the globe.


Understanding GMP & Regulations for Herbal Medicinal Products

Understanding GMP regulations for medicinal plants including medicinal cannabis crops and products is important for cannabis industry job applicants.

While cannabis industry laws are changing, this remains a highly regulated industry. Applicants for cannabis jobs must have the required skills and qualifications. One of those qualifications is being trained in regulatory compliance.

Applicants with knowledge of cannabis regulations, including cannabis licencing and cultivation regulations, will generally have an advantage during interviews. For GMP and regulatory compliance training for herbal medicines including cannabis, click here (you will gain several different certificates which you can attach to your CV when submitting your resume for a cannabis job interview).

Understanding Cannabis Industry Workplace Health & Safety

Understanding WH&S (OH&S) & PPE for Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis crops require special workplace health and safety considerations for personnel. These WH&S/OH&S requirements generally do not apply to other types of crops/large-scale cultivation. So, despite having a lot of agricultural or large-scale crop experience (or even backyard experience), you will need to learn personnel hygiene and safety requirements.

It’s super important that personnel working with large crops learn to protect themselves, the crop itself, and their co-workers by following Cannabis Industry OH&S/Workplace Health & Safety requirements and personnel hygiene. To stay safe, as well as protect the public and environment (and avoid risking the health and yield of the crop), you must wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). You must also follow work instructions and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

To learn more, visit the many topics available in our highly rated cannabis cultivation education by the medicinal cannabis industry experts at PharmOut Pty Ltd.

Understanding Botany, Propagation, and other Cultivation Knowledge

Botany, crop care essentials, cannabis plant propagation, and pest management knowledge is also essential for applicants seeking cannabis jobs.

There is much to learn about medicinal cannabis cultivation. In terms of job roles, these are described in the courses below or in our top-rated cannabis industry blogs.

In general, job roles can range from operations manager, to crop cultivation manager/expert, to laboratory scientist, to pest management professional, to crop cultivation caretaker, to crop watering and maintenance roles, to harvesting and trimming roles.

Education requirements for the cannabis sector

Depending on your job role, you may need to have certain qualifications (such as a degree in Botany if you are in charge of a crop and/or cannabis crop propagation program). But education requirements can vary, and many job roles do not require formal education.

In terms of skills, however, being able to clearly understand and follow directions (standard operating procedures or SOPs), never smoking or eating at the job site, and following all relevant OH&S and hygiene requirements, are mandatory skills for cannabis jobs.

Knowledge & Skill requirements for the cannabis sector

Many of the job roles in a cannabis cultivation operation require industry knowledge, which is highly valued.

Fortunately, you can learn a lot of the essentials by studying from home, online, with convenient multi-media online courses designed specifically for applicants and existing employees in the medicinal cannabis industry.

Medicinal Cannabis Education Courses (Certificate Courses, available online)

Courses include information on important cannabis industry concepts that will aid your application when applying for cannabis jobs/industry job openings. These topics include but are not limited to:

  • employment qualifications and skill requirements for cannabis jobs
  • cannabis industry workplace zones and workflows;
  • how to prevent cross-contamination in the workplace;
  • the importance of personnel hygiene;
  • cannabis crop care across the different growth stages of a cannabis plant;
  • the impact of temperature and humidity on cannabis crops;
  • different types of cannabis plant propagation (as well as species);
  • trichomes and plant maturity;
  • harvesting and trimming requirements;
  • crop yield;
  • and more!

Cannabis Education & Industry Qualifications

Each medicinal cannabis education course will take you from 1 to 4 hours to complete, and will provide you with a Certificate of Completion once you pass the online Assessment.

That Certificate of Completion can be downloaded, printed, framed, and sent along with your CV (or brought to your interview) to help you stand out from other applicants.

Note: Courses require internet access and one user per licence. You will have access to these cannabis education certificate courses for 12 months from the date of purchase.

To learn more, visit the many topics available in our highly rated cannabis cultivation education by the medicinal cannabis industry experts at PharmOut Pty Ltd.

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