Cannabis Crop Maintenance (eMCCA111)

Cannabis Crop Maintenance (eMCCA111)


What’s covered in this crop maintenace online training module:

  • Gain insights into daily cannabis plant care responsibilities
  • Recognise the importance of timely crop maintenance activities
  • Learn about nutrient adjustments through flowering stages
  • Recap quality management & risk prevention strategies


Cannabis Crop Maintenance Training Course: Medicinal Cannabis Crops

This Cannabis Crop Maintenance training course is an online training program developed by PharmOut. This course is part of the 12-module industry training program that aims to help employees, contractors, operation managers, and vendors, to better understand the medicinal cannabis sector.

This cannabis crop maintenance training module is Module 11 of 12 total modules in the series. This course will provide you with an overview of cannabis plant crop care essentials when working in cannabis cultivation businesses in the pharmaceutical cannabis sector.

What will you learn in the crop maintenance training module?

This latest module in the Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation training series by PharmOut’s expert cannabis industry consultants includes an overview of:

  • Daily cannabis plant care responsibilities
  • The importance of timely crop maintenance activities
  • Nutrients that are typically applied to plants through vegetation through flowering stages
  • Quality management & risk prevention strategies (covered in Series 1 modules, a pre-requisite to Series 2)

Disclaimer: These courses are for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. The information in these modules and the Series are NOT to be used, nor implied as being useful for, operational or cultivation decisions. They should be combined with onsite training and Supervision. They can, however, provide new employees, license applicants, and/or investors with an introductory overview of various aspects of the global Medicinal Cannabis Industry. Other courses for Herbal Medicine Production, GMP and GACP, can be found by clicking this link.

Who should complete this course?

These courses are suitable for anyone exploring the Medicinal Cannabis Industry including cultivation operations, manufacturing operations, quality control, site selection, engineering, and other industry-specific topics.

  • These modules make excellent Cannabis Industry Induction training courses for employment seekers, future licence applicants, botanists, agricultural operation managers, and/or industry investors.
  • The courses are intended to be taken sequentially (in order) as a Series of 12 total modules (this is Module 11 of 12 modules).

You can, however, take these cannabis industry training courses individually. It is more economical to purchase them as an entire training series, however.

Duration of training modules in the Online Training Series for Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Operations

On average, allow about 60 minutes to 180 minutes per module in the training series.

How long each course takes to complete, however, will vary from learner to learner. Time frames depend on your learning style, your prior experience in the industry or with the topic being studied, and other learning factors.

Medicinal Cannabis Industry Certificate Courses (Certificate of Completion)

Upon reviewing each module and successfully completing the final assessment, you will be able to save, download and print the Certificate of Completion for that module (all available online).

This Certificate of Completion is not a statement of competency. It is, instead, a Completion Certificate for the training you completed. You can then attach this to your current resume/CV or send this your Personnel Department as required.

Note: there are strict hiring criteria for working in the medicinal cannabis sector due to the high value of medicinal cannabis crops.

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