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Do you need to learn or review PICs GMP Annex 07 for Herbal Medicine Manufacturers and Employees

Are you needing to train your employees, contractors, warehouse personnel or suppliers in PIC/S GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)?  If your team needs to understand the 2020 GMP/PICS requirements (Annex 07 — Manufacture of Herbal Medicines) — we have a solution for you.  A good starting point is to assign them the online training bundle for manufacturing of herbal medicines. The bundle includes Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Record-Keeping Practice (GRK) and other relevant e-learning modules.

Here’s a snapshot of what the online training bundle provides for herbal medicine employees, including cannabis employers/employees, in terms of GMP training resources.

Certificate GMP Courses:  Our online training courses for PIC/S GMP topics offer instant access and Certificates of Completion after passing an online assessment.

They are easily accessible on a 24/7 basis; including GMP training specific to Annex 07 – Herbal Medicine Manufacturing.

  • We offer a wide array of GMP education resources for employees entering cultivation or manufacturing jobs in the medicinal cannabis industry cultivation sector.
  • These courses also suit other herbal medicine production roles or cultivation employees or contractors, including your quality managers and distribution/transportation personnel.
  • Depending on your employees’ existing knowledge of GMP, and their role responsibilities, you may want to also participate in onsite training courses or attend a public course date (or conference) related to GMP training.

Online Training Courses for Employees Working with Herbal Medicines and Cannabis Cultivation

Discounted GMP Training Bundle #1 – Any 4 Courses related to Manufacturing of Herbal Medicines (PICS/GMP)

For herbal medicine employees or contractors needing to update their knowledge of Annex 07 (Manufacture of Herbal Medicines), we suggest you purchase one of the two following options.

Option 1: GMP / PICS – Annex 07 – Manufacture of Herbal Medicine

Training cost: $80 USD for the bundle of any 4 online courses (price excludes taxes)

  • Good Manufacturing Practice 01 (GMP01) – e-learning course
  • Good Manufacturing Practice 02 (GMP02) – Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
  • Annex 07 – Manufacture of Herbal Medicine
  • Good Record-Keeping Practice (GRK)

Option/recommended: Good Distribution Practice (GDP) online training

Review the online course descriptions here.

Option 2: GMP / PICS – (New) Cannabis industry training courses relating to Manufacturing of Herbal Medicines

Training cost: $160 USD for the bundle of 8 online training courses (price excludes taxes)

Suits: Employees, contractors and/or future employees seeking to enter cannabis industry jobs including working in medical cannabis cultivation and/or herbal medicine manufacturing roles

Are you entering (or seeking to enter) Medicinal Cannabis Employment?  Get your GMP Training for Manufacturing of Herbal Medicines including GMP01 and GMP02 (APIs) via the ** NEW ** Online Training Bundle Option #2

Click here for details

Topics for medicinal cannabis-industry training in relation to GMP, included in the Option 2 Discounted Training Bundle, include:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice 01
  • Good Manufacturing Practice 02
  • Good Record Keeping
  • 10 Golden rules of GMP
  • Annex 07 – Manufacturing of Herbal Medicinal Products
  • Annex 11 – Computerised Systems
  • Annex 15 – Qualification and Validation
  • Annex 20 – Quality Risk Management

Click here for details of the Medicinal Cannabis industry training options

Review individual GMP related courses


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