GMP basic training (Pharma) online courses are an option for ensuring employees stay up to date and compliant with GMP knowledge and Course Certificate requirements. 

GMP Training Options for Pharma: Certificate Courses are available at affordable prices. They provide near-instant access to help new or returning employees meet their GMP training and course certificate requirements.  What’s also best for training employees in GMP is that online course versions are easy to access on most laptops and personal computers. These online courses also offer a distinct advantage in terms of:

  • GMP orientation training program / information consistency
  • ability to repeat course segments (review prior lessons for 12 months)
  • training in distraction-free, flexible learning environments
  • self-paced and fully flexible for time management

Providing API and Pharma employees with online GMP training options also helps production managers and compliance teams with scheduling challenges; e.g., assisting to minimise production line downtime while still meeting regulatory training requirements.

Overview of GMP Basic Training Requirements | Pharma | API

New Employees and/or Retraining Returning Employees who need updated GMP training

  • Finding consistent, quality training opportunities for NEW Pharma employees is a challenge for Human Resource teams and QA/Compliance managers
  • There’s also the requirement to re-train employees returning to workplaces after extended absences / extended leave periods

To fulfill industry-specific GMP certificate course training requirements, we’ve developed flexible online training options and employee GMP training packages for your use. These are available at extremely affordable cost ranges and offer nearly-instant access as ordering and accessing the training is easily done through an automated process.  Order via credit card payments and an invoice and log-in information will arrive via email (check your emails including other folders just minutes after you place your order).

Costs: Online GMP training options also help you cut your overall GMP training costs across your organisation.

With blended learning theory and the 70:20:10 training concept, however, they are best used when combined with on-the-job instruction, additional on-site instructor-led classroom training sessions (individual or group) for more advanced GMP topics vs Basic GMP training, and/or upcoming public classroom training courses (GMP or GACP).

For more on onsite training courses led by Learning & Development expert, Maria Mylonas, visit our training pages or course calendar for in-person courses.

GMP online course options

GMP training options online also offer industry-specific course packages:

Examples include:

  • API training (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
  • Herbal and Complementary Medicines
  • Non-Sterile Final Dosage
  • Sterile Final Dosage
  • Veterinary Medicinal Products
  • Warehousing and Distribution

View COURSE options and prices by topic or by industry (Online selection and purchase page).

Online GMP training SCORM and API

Store Page for Online Training Bundles or Individual GMP Courses (Certificates)

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