What is Water For Injection (WFI)?

How does WFI relate to different types of Pharmaceutical Water Quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing settings?  And what do engineers and water supply system designers need to know when designing feed-supply water systems, including pre-treatment processes, in PICS GMP regulated manufacturing sectors?

These questions are answered in our online training course, PMF104 – Pharmaceutical Water Systems.

This pharmaceutical industry core training unit is available as an online Certificate Course for Pharmaceutical Water Systems. This unit, the 4th in the series, covers the fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Water Systems designs, water quality testing and system validation processes, including Water for Injection (WFI).

This course can be purchased individually, as a single core unit of study.  However, it is best taken as a component of the 4-unit core training program in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals (PMF) training series by PharmOut (newly released in April 2020).

Background of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals including online Water Quality courses

  • PharmOut’s leading PICS GMP and Pharmaceutical System Design consultants have contributed to a variety of online courses for PICS GMP compliance.
  • Our Online GMP Training course platform offers an extensive range of current GMP Certificate Courses, covering PIC/S GMP01, GMP02 and Annexes 1-20.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals is one of our recent online GMP training course topics, newly published in April 2020.

Pharmaceutical Water Systems, including information on Water for Injections (WFI) and other water quality system information, is part of the four-part series: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Foundations (PMF). This 4-module e-learning series suits Pharmaceutical Industry professionals, including engineers and hospital teams. These courses will provide a foundational learning induction to the pharmaceutical manufaturing sector including WFI water quality and system designs.

These online PICS GMP regulatory compliance courses are best utilised when combined with blended learning solutions including onsite training, other GMP courses and relevant Annexes (such as Biological Manufacturing), and other learning modalities.

Our newly-released online Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals training program includes courses on:

  • contamination and cross-contamination risks in pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • containment and contamination prevention and controls

  • Pharmaceutical Water Systems (design considerations, validation requirements and qualification procedures)

Who should take this e-learning course:

  • professionals who are new to the Pharmaceutical Industry or expanding their range of responsibilities
  • engineers and graduates
  • hospital quality teams
  • personnel and contractors involved with pharmaceutical water systems designs or equipment maintenance and validation
  • laboratory professionals clinical researchers working with biologicals and injectable medicines
  • other professionals newly employed in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry who need to understand industry fundamentals relating to quality control and risk management

Different Grades of Pharmaceutical Water

In the online training course, PMF104 – Pharmaceutical Water Systems, you’ll learn about different grades of water used in pharmaceutical manufacturing.  You’ll also become familiar with:

  • feedwater quality differences
  • pre-treatment processes for water used in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • production methods including for purified water (PW)
  • production methods and sterlisation methods for water for injection (WFI)
  • water system design considerations in pharmaceutical manufacturing industries
  • validation/qualification procedures for pharmaceutical water systems
  • future trends in pharmaceutical water processing and testing

For information on this 4-unit Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals online training course, click the link below.





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