How important is mindset when it comes to learning something new? And what is the difference between a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset? Introducing the Mindset 4.0 Masterclass for manufacturing and pharmaceutical business sectors.

In this 1-day Masterclass being held in Melbourne after the annual GMP & Engineering Forum, we review the value of developing innovative mindsets in heavily regulated manufacturing sectors.

Mindset 4.0 Masterclass design | Continuous Improvement | GMP

  • It’s an interactive, brainstorming 1-Day Masterclass for individuals working in manufacturing sectors, including Pharmaceutical
  • Designed to help your team adapt to changing technologies and develop a solutions-seeking, innovative mindset
  • Will help your organisation respond more proactively to continuous improvement opportunities in relation to ‘disruptive’ technologies
  • Available as a public course in Melbourne and/or Sydney
  • Or arrange an on-site Mindset Masterclass 1-Day workshop for your team by contacting us.

The Mindset 4.0 Masterclass | Continuous Improvement Opportunities in Pharma 4.0

Just about every industry today is being impacted by technological advances and global market pressures. There are increasing pressures to ensure lean manufacturing, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and high-tech automation. There are also growing data integrity concerns and GMP record-keeping requirements (including data security and protection).

But one industry, in particular, is facing unprecedented changes. That’s the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Partially due to increasing global competition, and partially due to advances in biomedicine and disease treatments, big pharma needs to learn how to adapt to rapid changes. They also need to update their GMP.  Additionally, they need to keep their employees well-informed about industry trends and GMP requirements (including Pharma 4.0 advances).

The pharmaceutical industry today is subject to rapid, wide-ranging industry changes, after a relatively long period of stability. This has slowed down the industry’s adaptation to innovative technologies and has left some companies in a precarious position in the global market.

Examples: Rapid changes in pharma and medical-CBD production relate primarily to unprecedented bio-medical innovations and other advances in medication delivery methods and registered medical devices.

These changes also include consumer preferences for sustainable manufacturing processes and organic alternatives to traditional medicines; 3-D printing and other bio-med advances, DNA/genetic testing, intensive validation requirements across the production life-cycle, and increasing worldwide competition.

Industry changes not only impact good manufacturing practices (GMP) in your facility, but they also impact your overall organisational dynamics. These changes require your teams to adopt an agility-minded vs stability-minded approach to problem-solving.

Continuous improvement, innovation and lean manufacturing are crucial for survival in today’s markets.  But too many large companies are slow to adapt to technological advances and market demand changes, leaving them vulnerable to disruptions in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Building Agility and Solutions-Seeking Mindsets

Given recent market changes and Pharma 4.0 quality initiatives, developing innovative mindsets is important to ongoing viability in the sector.

What does it take to improve the agility of your organisation? 

  • How do you develop organisation-wide readiness for change?
  • How can MINDSET help ensure your manufacturing processes remain sustainable?
  • What are the best methods for implementing continuous improvement initiatives to ensure stability?


The answer is you start with Mindset.

Leadership stability, data integrity, and integrated systems are highly desirable in manufacturing processes. Yet as PharmOut’s Director, Trevor Schoerie, commented, agility is the crucial component for sustainability in pharmaceutical and CBD manufacturing.

In today’s markets, mindset, agility and continuous change improvements have become more important than your size or expertise.

Current challenges in the Pharmaceutical sector: innovation timeliness

Given there have been so many recent changes in technology and manufacturing automation, slow-moving companies are falling further behind their competitors.

Agility, rather than consistency, is increasingly important in how your business operates

The pharmaceutical sector is being seriously disrupted by numerous technological advances.

Most companies need to implement a number of technological advances and system updates to stay competitive, and protected, in business. These are time-consuming processes.

This need also requires companies to adapt more readily to changes than they’re accustomed.

“Continuous improvement initiatives are no longer optional.  They are mandatory for ensuring viability, and for ensuring your business is efficient, competitive and compliant. That’s why we believe helping leaders develop innovative mindsets is an important part of helping them meet their GMP requirements.” (Maria Mylonas, Director of Learning and Development).

When long-standing attitudes in the workplace are not examined, there’s a high chance that long-ingrained inefficiencies will continue to detract from your bottom line. They can also place your organisation at risk of an Audit failure.

Becoming an agile, innovative organisation requires:

  • Cultural Changes: investing in developing a change-ready mindset and adaptive corporate culture
  • Training: training your team leaders to foster innovative solution-seeking approaches amongst all personnel (e.g., asking your employees for continuous improvement suggestions and involving them in the solutions-and-change processes instead of dictating changes)
  • Leading vs Responding: Creating change leadership mindsets versus change responders

This new Masterclass is designed to help you adapt to Pharma 4.0 regulatory changes and respond to workflow changes and other technological advances or market fluctuations. It works by improving the solutions seeking mindset of your team leaders to create an agile, pro-active change culture.

The 1-day Masterclass focuses on the power of leading organisational changes rather than responding in an inefficient manner.

  • This Mindset 4.0 Masterclass can help you create an agile, innovative mindset in your organisation’s culture.
  • It is particularly helpful for individuals in team leadership roles in Pharma 4.0-impacted industries and other sectors impacted by technological advances and rapid industry changes in manufacturing (‘industry disruptions’).

The pharmaceutical industry is rife with disruption, innovation and change management requirements.

Solution Seeking vs Problem Solving: It’s all about Mindset

In a perfect world, everything runs smoothly – including your compliance audits and GMP.  No one really likes problems to solve.

Some of us, however, are more skilled at problem-solving tasks than others.

But if we make addressing concerns about creativity and solution-seeking, instead of about the problem, we create a solution seeking mindset vs a problem-focused one.

The simple change in wording actually helps us adjust our attitudes – and our mindset – about the tasks at hand.

Mindset, the biggest buzzword in change management today, isn’t something you’re born with.

In fact, it can be taught!

Note: our e-learning programs focus on Online GMP training options for busy professionals. The Mindset 4.0 Masterclass is a facilitated, classroom-based learning experience. We also offer on-site educational sessions in GMP as well as mindset mastery.

The practical Mindset 4.0 Masterclass is also available by booking a custom training session at your facility (onsite options).

Cost:  $400 Plus GST Per Person.

Want an onsite Mindset 4.0 Masterclass for your employees? Contact us for a quote.

10 Benefits of Mindset Training

  1. Agility and preparedness for industry changes and innovations
  2. Pro-active responses to change requests (not allowing long-ingrained inefficiencies to persist)
  3. Harmonious, timely system updates
  4. Championing pro-active change cultures
  5. Collaborative approaches for solutions-seeking vs department-blaming
  6. Eliminating inefficiencies through encouraging innovative, out-of-the-box thinking
  7. Fostering continuous improvement mindsets
  8. Breaking problems down into smaller segments that are more easily solved (avoiding procrastination)
  9. Increased motivation to implement innovative solutions to persistent in
  10. Systems simplification and efficiency gains

Blended learning solutions and continuous learning experiences are the must-have approaches for any Pharma 4.0 Training Manager or Human Resources professional. But even so, Mindset training courses are a valuable training aid for the Pharmaceutical, cannabis cultivation and medical device manufacturing industries.

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