GMP Orientation Training Courses


Who conducts GMP audits in pharmaceutical manufacturing and other therapeutic goods production?

In today’s blog supporting the GMP Basics training series, we’ll answer questions relating to “who conducts GMP audits in pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors, medical devices manufacturing, blood and tissue products and other laboratories/bio-science industries?”.   We will discuss the value of GMP compliance, as well as widely-recognized Regulatory Agencies responsible for GMP (PIC/S) audits in various regions […]


Medicinal Cannabis Workplace Health and Safety Course

Medicinal Cannabis Industry: Workplace Health and Safety Training Our new online training courses for the global Cannabis Sector include a Medicinal Cannabis Industry Overview, Cannabis Workplaces and Zones, Workplace Health and Safety, Security Requirements, Botany Basics, and Cultivating Medicinal Cannabis. There are 6 newly-released eLearning modules in Series 1 plus 6 additional advanced crop care […]


GMP Training: Annex 2 Biological Products for Human Use

GMP regulations (PIC/S guidelines) for Biologicals manufacturing are covered in the PE009-14 PIC/s (Annex 2: Manufacture of Biological Products for Human Use). Ensuring the safety of employees, clinical researchers, vaccination testing employees, hospital workers and the public is increasingly important given the current climate of the rapidly-spreading coronavirus (and COVID-19 outbreaks). If you haven’t updated your […]