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Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)

FAQs about Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) Medical-purpose software development is a rapidly growing industry. As with other medical devices, medical-use software offers potential benefits to patients. SaMD can save lives by improving diagnostic capacities, monitoring treatment efficacy, and guiding critical-care decisions. Review the online GMP compliance course for SaMD designers, medical-use software manufacturers […]


Adaptive e-Learning: Embracing Content Change

In our latest Online Learning Trends (2020) article – Part 2: Virtual Reality Trends, we noted the increasing trend for adaptive e-learning modules.  Why your e-learning designers need to embrace content change (adaptive e-learning). The premise of adaptive e-learning is two-fold.  The key features of adaptive e-learning are (1) learner-centric content delivery and (2) artificial […]


Webinars vs e-Learning: Pros and Cons

Is hosting a webinar better than creating online training courses (e-Learning modules)?  Should you host a webinar series dependent upon your presenter(s) — or devote your time to developing a repeatable online training course, instead? This blog is second of two (2) articles in a series comparing webinars to e-learning modules and podcasts.  By Connie […]


Good Documentation Practices (GDocP): Online GDP Training

Good documentation practices are crucial for complying with GMP regulations.  These records also aid in CAPA (deviation investigations) and recall instigations if there are post-release concerns with medications or medical devices. Your recordkeeping practices, documentation procedures and computer systmes will be thoroughly scrutinised during TGA inspections, FDA audits or other regulatory inspections. This incudes closely […]


EU GMP Online Training | Pharmaceutical Employees

Do you have employees who need EU GMP training, including validation, record-keeping (GDocP) and GDP? Or perhaps you’re exploring current job opportunities and need to be sure you’re up to date?  Whether you’re starting-up an overseas production facility, or have a long-established production company for complementary medicines (CBD), common pharmaceuticals or new medical devices, you’ll […]