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Online Learning During the Pandemic

Online learning during the pandemic – a practical solution to GMP training requirements. The education industry was particularly impacted by Covid-19; and by the 2nd quarter of 2020, most face-to-face training sessions were put temporarily on hold. Temporarily on hold turned to indefinitely on hold; as the pandemic continued to wreak havoc around the globe. […]


Zoom etiquette: virtual training delivery

ZOOM etiquette and Zoom Meeting DO’s and DON’TS made all the top 10 blog topics lists (2020-2021). In 2021, Zoom etiquette continues to be a dominant blog theme. These virtual meeting platforms are here to stay, especially with travel restrictions likely to continue for at least the next two (2) years (or longer). As the […]


FAQs: e-Learning Development Questions

This article reviews FAQs: e-Learning Development questions and answers.  We’ll also explore comparisons between Webinars vs E-learning courses — and comparisons to Podcasts — as alternatives to classroom-based delivery methods. Alternatives to classroom-based delivery methods Online Training Development and Course Design Basics Education technologies, digital delivery requirements and e-learning hosting costs: FAQs and e-Learning development […]

By Connie May | e-Learning Costs

GMP for Herbal Medicine Manufacturing: Training Course for Annex 07

GACP, GMP and the Cannabis Industry | Courses for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Training Do you need to learn or review PICs GMP Annex 07 for Herbal Medicine Manufacturers and Employees Are you needing to train your employees, contractors, warehouse personnel or suppliers in PIC/S GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)?  If your team needs to understand […]


Top 10 e-Learning Trends in 2020 | Online Training & Education Trends

Which new education technologies are predicted to be listed in the top 10 e-learning trends of 2020? Online courses have become a pivotal training delivery method for many industries. Digitally-based courses are now crucial components of quality risk management systems and training budget controls. But the online training industry has been experiencing rapid-paced technological evolutions. […]


What are the differences between Webinars, Podcasts and e-Learning Modules?

Comparison of Webinars vs Podcasts vs e-Learning modules What are key differences between a Webinar vs a Podcast vs an e-learning module? When choosing your training delivery formats, it’s difficult to know which to choose:  a webinar vs podcast vs e-learning.  It often depends on a variety of interactive factors. These include the demographics of […]


10 Ways to Cut Your Training Costs for GMP

How do you match the average training budget with your employee training needs?  And how can you best keep your employees’ GMP certificates (evidence of their training course completion) up to date? It’s a known challenge in training sectors that annual training BUDGETS can be difficult to match with employee training NEEDS at times. Yet […]