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Podcasts FAQs: Answers to Podcast Development Questions

Thinking about creating a podcast? Read our answers to Podcasts: FAQs. In this article, we cover the basics of podcast production.  Included are: average podcast file sizes compared to video file sizes, common podcast recording formats, and podcast audience statistics. Podcasts FAQs: Podcast Development and Statistics Podcast file formats, delivery requirements and costs This article […]


Microlearning Definition | Micro-learning

Microlearning trends 2020-2025 What key forces are expected to shape online training options in the next five years (2020-2025), especially regulatory compliance training? While digital engagement technologies continue to immerse learners in “knowledge-gaining” experiences, none is more important than the concept of microlearning (micro-learning). In this article, we review some of the benefits and principles […]


Education and Virtual Reality Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Expect to see significant changes in the education and training industry between 2020 and 2025.  The most transformative changes will be the addition of Artificial-Intelligence and Virtual Reality (VR) to traditional e-learning options. So how will virtual reality and artificial intelligence impact the digital training industry? Virtual Reality Trends in Education and Training Sectors Click […]


Top 10 e-Learning Trends in 2020 | Online Training & Education Trends

Which new education technologies are predicted to be listed in the top 10 e-learning trends of 2020? Online courses have become a pivotal training delivery method for many industries. Digitally-based courses are now crucial components of quality risk management systems and training budget controls. But the online training industry has been experiencing rapid-paced technological evolutions. […]


Basic Requirements for Hosting A Live Webinar Series (Webinar Formats)

Webinar requirements including hosting and content curation Continued from the article on Webinars vs Podcasts vs e-Learning Courses: Pros and Cons and Cost Comparisons. What are the basic requirements for hosting a live Webinar Series? To host a live webinar requires: appropriate technology high-speed internet access adequate bandwidth for the webinar host  and participants To […]


What are the differences between Webinars, Podcasts and e-Learning Modules?

Comparison of Webinars vs Podcasts vs e-Learning modules What are key differences between a Webinar vs a Podcast vs an e-learning module? When choosing your training delivery formats, it’s difficult to know which to choose:  a webinar vs podcast vs e-learning.  It often depends on a variety of interactive factors. These include the demographics of […]