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Adaptive e-Learning: Embracing Content Change

In our latest Online Learning Trends (2020) article – Part 2: Virtual Reality Trends, we noted the increasing trend for adaptive e-learning modules.  Why your e-learning designers need to embrace content change (adaptive e-learning). The premise of adaptive e-learning is two-fold.  The key features of adaptive e-learning are (1) learner-centric content delivery and (2) artificial […]


Learning Styles: Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic?

Learning styles: How can you tell what your preferred learning styles is for taking in new information? Is it visual, auditory, kinesthetic or an even combination of two or three styles?   Find out what learning styles mean, and how to readily assess your style. Learning Styles: VAK Model and Definition of Learning Styles It has […]


Good Documentation Practices (GDocP): Online GDP Training

Good documentation practices are crucial for complying with GMP regulations.  These records also aid in CAPA investigations and deviation record-keeping, as well as recall instigations, involving post-release safety or efficacy concerns with pharmaceutical products and/or medical devices. Your record-keeping practices, documentation procedures and computer systems will be thoroughly scrutinised during TGA inspections, FDA audits or […]


Mindset 4.0 Masterclass: Innovation, Agility and Sustainable Manufacturing

How important is mindset when it comes to learning something new? And what is the difference between a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset? Introducing the Mindset 4.0 Masterclass for manufacturing and pharmaceutical business sectors. In this 1-day Masterclass being held in Melbourne after the annual GMP & Engineering Forum, we review the value of […]