Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals Pack

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Course duration: Allow an average of 5 hours to 8 hours to complete all four modules.


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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals (PMF Series) 

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals (PMF Series) Online Training Package

Take advantage of the special pricing of $200 USD for all four modules in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals (PMF) Training Series – an $80 USD savings when you order them as a package (bundle) versus ordering them individually. Upon completion of all four (4) in this pharmaceutical industry ‘fundamentals’ education series, you’ll gain 4 separate Certificates of Completion for the courses covering contamination prevention, HVAC systems in the pharmaceutical industry, product containment, and pharmaceutical water quality system requirements.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals (PFM): Education Packages

The 4 topics included in the Pharmaceutical industry fundamentals education series (PMF Series) include:

PMF Training series duration

Estimated completion time frames for these Certificate Courses

Allow an average of 5 hours to 8 hours to complete the entire 4-module series of PMF modules, including the online Final Assessment questions to gain your Certificates of Completion for each PMF topic.

You will have immediate access to these online courses 24/7 for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase (check your emails after completing your purchase). Each module will take an average of 1 hour to 2.5 hours to complete. NB: Timeframes can vary significantly from learner to learner.

The PMF Series is an online GMP Certificate Training Program consisting of 4 online training modules (GMP education topics).

The aim of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals (PMF) Discount Training Series is to provide a foundational understanding of core subjects you will encounter in:

  • Engineering jobs, quality management, and/or production roles
  • Various types of pharmaceutical manufacturing sites (as well as medical device manufacturing, veterinarian medicine manufacturing and biologicals)
  • Hospitals or research clinics that rely on internal (in-house) production of pharmaceutical products and/or medical devices

This training will suit a individuals working in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical device manufacturing industries, including but not limited to new employees, long-term contractors, short-term maintenance workers, quality management personnel, and employees being redeployed into new job roles who need refresher training on GMP compliance issues.

The PMF series topics will also other professionals, engineers and recent graduates responsible for auditing and/or ensuring quality controls.

Topics in the PMF Series include contamination prevention, product containment engineering, HVAC engineering, systems validation, manufacturing quality control, water systems designs, hospital equipment maintenance considerations in relation to GMP compliance and risk management, and more.

PMF Training Series – Completion Timeframes and Online Course Duration

How long will it take to complete all 4 training modules in the PMF series?

  • The training is entirely self-paced over the internet
  • The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals (PMF) training contains 4 distinct online GMP modules of slightly different durations (from 1 to 2.5 hours each)
  • Completion of the entire series will provide learners with four (4) separate GMP Course Completion Certificates (one Certificate of Completion per module)

To complete the entire series, please allow from 5 hours to 8 hours (average). Please note that course completion timeframes for the entire PMF series will vary depending on the topics being covered and individual learning styles/learning capacities.

Expected course completion time frames for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals Series (4 separate PMF  modules):  5 to 8 hours total

PMF Series Details:

  • Each learning module in the PMF series is slightly different in length, corresponding to the nature of the topic and depth of topic coverage.
  • On average, each module in the PMF eLearning series of four modules will take a minimum of 45 minutes to 1 hour, to a maximum of 2.5 hours or more, to complete — including the online Final Assessment.
  • Allow a total of 5 to 8 hours for the entire series.
  • Learn at your own pace – you can access the materials 24/7 for up to 12 months.
  • Note: Learners with pre-existing experience in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Engineering may be able to complete these courses in a more rapid time frame

GMP Training Course Certificates

  • Successful completion of the Online Assessment is required to gain a GMP Course Certificate of Completion for each of the four modules
  • If you purchase and complete the PMF Series, you are eligible to gain 4 GMP Course Certificates of Completion (one per module, one learner/end-user per course purchase – single-user per purchase)
  • Copyright – all rights reserved; the course and course contents must not be duplicated or shared.

Disclaimer: As noted, individual course completion time frames can vary significantly as there are so many variables that can impact learning time frames and course completion rates.

A PharmOut Certificate of Completion is available for each of the four modules in the PMF series, once the online Final Assessment is successfully completed.

PMF Series – Course Pre-requisites

There are no prerequisites for this PMF orientation course although other courses will be helpful.

Additionally, onsite custom training programs and adequate Supervision are required for personnel working in these sectors.

Recommendations for supplemental training and/or prerequisites: It is helpful to have an understanding of basic GMP principles and GxP compliance regulations before embarking on the PMF series, such as covered in GMP01 and GMP02 and the 10 Golden Rules of GMP.

Good Recordkeeping practice training is also recommended for all employees as recordkeeping and documentation are often cited in warning letters from Regulatory Authorities such as the TGA, MHRA and FDA.

You can take those additional GMP courses before OR after you complete the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals training course.

GMP Course Certificates

Upon successful completion of the online Final Assessment of each module, you’ll be able to download and print a Certificate of Completion for these Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals courses (you’ll gain 4 PMF training course Certificates of Completion if you successfully complete the Series).

The Pharmaceutical Industry fundamentals training package will provide you with a brief overview of:

  • Different types of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • Various pharmaceutical dose forms
  • A glossary of terms for key phrases used in the industry
  • Regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical water quality, HVAC systems, product containment and cross-contamination prevention measures.

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals (PMF) e-learning series includes the following four (4) online training modules (Certificate courses).

Pharmaceutical manufacturing cross-contamination risks – find out what these risks are, and how engineering measures can assist in the prevention of product contamination.

Contamination Control – Module 1 of 4 in the PMF Series 

This training course aims to provide you with a basic understanding of the microbiology that underpins the design of processes, facilities and procedures for contamination control in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

After completing this training module, trainees will have an understanding of:

  • Basic microbiology in relation to risks of contamination
  • How contamination risks impact the design of manufacturing processes, facilities and procedures
  • Contamination controls / cross-contamination prevention measures

The Contamination Control training module is split into 3 parts:

  • Part 1 will cover the microbiology of bacteria, sources of microbial contamination and sterility concepts and sterility quality assurance
  • Part 2 will look at contamination control including cleaning and sterilisation
  • Part 3 will focus on aseptic techniques and facility design

Online GMP training gives you convenient, low-cost education to assist your career path in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Medical Device manufacturing and/or Veterinarian medicines industries.  Order online and get started immediately (check your emails after you place your online order for your login information – search all folders if you don’t see the email arrive within a few minutes after your order).

certificate course engineering Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals PMF Course Certificate GMP

HVAC Systems – Module 2 of 4 in the PMF Series 

This course aims to provide you with a high-level understanding of HVAC systems and what they consist of, including the control of air pressures and air quality in cleanrooms, and an overview of how HVAC systems are designed and qualified.

After completing this training module, trainees will have an understanding of:

  • The technologies employed in an HVAC system
  • The various control functions that HVAC systems provide,
  • The critical role HVAC has to play in cleanroom air quality

Product Containment – Module 3 of 4 in the PMF Series 

This course aims to provide you with a basic understanding of ”containment” principles and an overview of the systems and technologies that are available.

After completing this training module, trainees will have an understanding of:

  • The importance of product containment in terms of human safety and product quality
  • The various concepts and technologies used to provide product containment

certificate course engineering Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals PMF Course Certificate GMP

Pharmaceutical Water Systems – Module 4 of 4 in the PMF Series 

This course aims to provide you with a basic understanding of the different grades of pharmaceutical water, including production methods, design considerations, qualification procedures and operations.

After completing this training module (4 of 4 modules in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals training series), trainees will have an understanding of:

  • The different grades of pharmaceutical water
  • Pre-treatment processes
  • Purified Water Generation
  • Water For Injection
  • Storage & Distribution Systems

In this module we explore:

  • System Design Fundamentals
  • Construction, Commissioning & Qualification
  • Operational considerations & Maintenance
  • What can go wrong
  • Future Trends

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