Cosmetic Manufacturing GMP

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Course duration: Allow 2 to 3 hours to complete this course.

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This eLearning course is an online GMP Certificate training program for Cosmetic Manufacturing industry personnel. This course is suitable for all levels of personnel working in the cosmetic manufacturing industry,  including operations personnel, production line workers, quality managers, site inspectors, auditors, product distribution and logistics personnel.

This Cosmetics Industry GMP course is also useful as a primer or refresher course for Regulatory Authority personnel, given the new cosmetic GMP regulations in the United States, European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK), Korea, Japan, and other regions.

Cosmetic Manufacturing GMP Training (online)

GMP Course Benefits

Completing this interactive eLearning course on Cosmetic Manufacturing GMP will help personnel and other industry stakeholders understand their Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance requirements.

Cosmetic Manufacturing Industry GMP Regulations MoCRAH

  • This GMP course overviews Cosmetic Industry rules and regulations, focusing on Good Manufacturing (GMP) principles and guidelines for cosmetic product manufacturers.
  • It explores the latest cosmetic industry trends (e.g., banned substances, micro-plastics, animal testing bans), and regulatory changes around the globe.
  • It will help manufacturers and their employees understand how to meet their Cosmetic Manufacturing GMP requirements or prepare for an audit.

Certificate GMP Course Completion (Cosmetic Manufacturing GMP)

Topics in this course include examples of cosmetic industry regulations and standards, including different Regulatory Authorities, ISO 22716 GMP standards for Cosmetic Manufacturers, EU & UK regulations for cosmetic products, registration requirements (Cosmetic Direct), and more.


GMP Standards – Cosmetic Industry Regulatory Compliance Training

This GMP training course will help you understand Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements applicable to cosmetic manufacturers.

It is suitable for a global audience.

By completing this course, you’ll gain insights into GMP principles and standards, as well as guidance examples from cosmetic industry Regulatory Authorities, e.g. the United States FDA, Health Canada, the European Union (EU) and United Kingdom (UK) Authorities, and others.

Insights you’ll gain in this course include:

  • GMP expectations relevant to cosmetic manufacturing (GMP audits/inspections)
  • Principles and standards discussed in ISO 22716
  • Impact of the US FDA’s Modernization of the Cosmetics Regulations Act (MoCRA), in effect in 2024
  • Other standards applicable to the cosmetic manufacturing sector

cosmetic manufacturing GMP -ISO22716

Additional standards and regulations for cosmetic manufacturers, discussed in this online Certificate GMP eLearning course, include:

  • Quality Management Systems (quality assurance expectations)
  • Cosmetic Product Safety Evidence (requirements)
  • The US FDA’s Cosmetic Direct portal (Cosmetic Product Registration Requirements)
  • EU Cosmetic Manufacturing Regulations
  • UK Cosmetic Manufacturing Regulations
  • Trends in cosmetic manufacturing including banned ingredients
  • GMP rules for cosmetic product safety testing
  • Quality Management expectations for cosmetic manufacturing companies
  • Cosmetic product risks to consumers, employees, public health, the environment
  • Reporting Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) linked to cosmetic products
  • Personnel responsibilities and personnel training programs for cosmetic manufacturing companies
  • Product Review requirements and more


Cosmetic Industry GMP – Course Duration

The course will take approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete, including the online Final Assessment to gain your “Cosmetics Manufacturing GMP” Course Certificate.

This course is a stand-alone course. It should, however, be completed in conjunction with reading ISO 22716 (available from ISO), and all other applicable cosmetic industry standards and regulations.

GMP Course Certificate

Once you achieve your Cosmetics Manufacturing GMP Certificate of Completion, be sure to attach it to your cosmetic industry job applications and/or personnel file (required for GMP compliance). 

A best-practice GMP learning method is to review relevant standards and regulations both before and after completing this course.

For individuals new to GMP, completing this course FIRST (and other best-practice GMP eLearning topics) may help them understand their GMP responsibilities, rather than moving straight into reading text-heavy regulations.

  • While this course will help you understand general compliance requirements (in a plain language, multi-media/visually-enhanced format), such as ISO 22716 (Cosmetic Manufacturing GMP standards), the standard itself is available for purchase (licencing) from
  • This course includes an overview of regulations and GMP expectations for cosmetic manufacturers in the US (FDA’s MoCRA), Canada, Korea, Japan, the EU and the UK.
  • The original FDA MoCRA regulations/guidance documents can be sourced from the FDA, and EU, UK, Korea, Japan and Australian guidance can also be downloaded directly from the relevant Authority.

 Cosmetic Industry GMP Guidance & Other GMP eLearning

  • This is one of our many GMP education topics  available in a completely online (eLearning format), available 24/7 after purchase (for 12 months)
  • While designed as a stand-alone course, many other courses may benefit personnel working in this industry, e.g., manufacturing personnel and quality Managers working in the Cosmetic product industry; companies producing combined pharmaceutical-cosmetic products; Supplier/Logistics Managers; cosmetic industry Regulatory Compliance/GMP Auditors and Site Inspectors; Regulatory Authority representatives, Notified Bodies, and industry consultants.
  •  Click here for a list of face-to-face courses delivered via Zoom, including CAPA (onsite training of large groups of personnel may also be available, where feasible)

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Course Licence (12 months’ access)
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