PIC/S Annexes 1 to 20


GMP Training: Annex 2B Biological Products for Human Use

GMP regulations (PIC/S guidelines) for Biologicals manufacturing were covered in the PE009-14 PIC/s (Annex 2: Manufacture of Biological Products for Human Use). Note: Annex 2 was updated in PIC/s version 15 – to Annex 2A (ATMPs) with Annex 2B covering Biological medicines. ** Note – the new course on Annex 2A (ATMPs) and for Annex […]


Webinars vs e-Learning: Pros and Cons

Is hosting a webinar better than creating online training courses (e-Learning modules)?  Should you host a webinar series dependent upon your presenter(s) — or devote your time to developing a repeatable online training course, instead? This blog is second of two (2) articles in a series comparing webinars to e-learning modules and podcasts.  By Connie […]