PIC/S Annexes 1 to 20


GMP Training: Annex 2 Biological Products for Human Use

GMP regulations (PIC/S guidelines) for Biologicals manufacturing are covered in the PE009-14 PIC/s (Annex 2: Manufacture of Biological Products for Human Use). Ensuring the safety of employees, clinical researchers, vaccination testing employees, hospital workers and the public is increasingly important given the current climate of the rapidly-spreading coronavirus (and COVID-19 outbreaks). If you haven’t updated your […]


Webinars vs e-Learning: Pros and Cons

Is hosting a webinar better than creating online training courses (e-Learning modules)?  Should you host a webinar series dependent upon your presenter(s) — or devote your time to developing a repeatable online training course, instead? This blog is second of two (2) articles in a series comparing webinars to e-learning modules and podcasts.  By Connie […]