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New employee training needs (employee and public safety)

New training trends continue to emerge since Covid-19 was first recognised as a global threat. The 2021 Australian Employer Survey report from NCVER (regarding ASQA/VET skills training courses) was released in October 2021. The survey indicates that Employers experienced an increased need for new employee training programs since the pandemic began. This is not surprising, […]


Training Credentials – Training Course Badges

Training Credentials and GMP Training Certificates: GMP Training Course Badges¬† Finishing a well-recognised qualification from a notable education provider doesn’t mean you actually understand what it’s really like to work in a particular industry. Certainly, in the life science sector, a University degree is one of the more imperative training credentials you will need to […]


Best Practice Online Assessments: Top 5 Tips

Demand for best practice online assessments increased rapidly ever since the education sector had to react to the impacts of a global pandemic. By the year 2021, it became clear that online training — and online assessments — are here to stay. While Covid lock-downs and travel restrictions had a devastating impact on a wide […]


Zoom etiquette: virtual training delivery

ZOOM etiquette and Zoom Meeting DO’s and DON’TS made all the top 10 blog topics lists (2020-2021). In 2021, Zoom etiquette continues to be a dominant blog theme. These virtual meeting platforms are here to stay, especially with travel restrictions likely to continue for at least the next two (2) years (or longer). As the […]


Top 10 Online Course Completion Tips

Want some helpful ideas for completing online courses? Top 10 Online Course completion tips for e-Learners. This article is part 2 of 2 blogs on self-paced training courses and online course completion rates. Read the pros and cons of self-paced training courses (click this link). Top 10 Online Course Completion Tips for Digital Training Courses […]