Customised Bundle (Any 20 Modules)

Customised Bundle (Any 20 Modules)

USD $400.00

Any 20 standard* modules for US $400.

Which GMP training courses can you select in this 20-module training bundle? Click here.*

Course duration: Allow an average of 1 hour to 1.5 hours to complete each course in this training bundle.

*See description for exclusions.



Customised training bundle (any 20 Standard GMP eLearning Modules)

Get a discount on 20 standard GMP Certificate training courses (GMP compliance training courses).

These online GMP certificate training courses are based on GMP guidelines by PIC/s.

About this bundle of 20 modules for GMP compliance training (online)

This bundle:

  • provides you with 20 GMP course licences
  • allows you to select which standard GMP compliance courses you want to include in the bundle*
  • allows you the flexibility to decide which learners to assign these GMP and GxP training courses to
    • for example, one employee may need 3 or 4 GMP compliance courses, including specific Annexes
    • another employee may only need to complete the GMP Refresher course


  • This bundle includes standard GMP modules that cover compliance guidelines in PIC/s GMP Part 1 and GMP Part 2 and various PIC/s Annexes.
  • Some modules are not included in this bundle and must be ordered separately.
  • Exclusions (examples) include the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fundamentals courses/series, the Pharmacovigilance course, the Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training courses/series, and other modules listed for more than $30 USD.

How to order:

Place your order above, then email us at to receive details on how to select and assign your GMP modules to multiple users.




FAQs about GMP Compliance Training Courses including PIC/s Annex topics (Annexes 1-20)

  • Learners will have access to all selected courses of the 20 courses for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Companies can then repurchase the 20-bundle GMP compliance training pack each year (to distribute courses to individual users) to keep training current and/or to change topics for individual learners or new employees and contractors.
  • Choices include :PIC/s GMP, GxP and PIC/s Annexes 1-20.

Standard GMP Compliance Training Courses – Online

To view more details about the standard GMP training modules before purchasing, click here.

Course duration: Allow an average of 1 to 1.5 hours to complete each course in this training bundle.