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Podcasts FAQs: Answers to Podcast Development Questions

Thinking about creating a podcast? Read our answers to Podcasts: FAQs. In this article, we cover the basics of podcast production.  Included are: average podcast file sizes compared to video file sizes, common podcast recording formats, and podcast audience statistics. Podcasts FAQs: Podcast Development and Statistics Podcast file formats, delivery requirements and costs This article […]


Basic Requirements for Hosting A Live Webinar Series (Webinar Formats)

Webinar requirements including hosting and content curation Continued from the article on Webinars vs Podcasts vs e-Learning Courses: Pros and Cons and Cost Comparisons. What are the basic requirements for hosting a live Webinar Series? To host a live webinar requires: appropriate technology high-speed internet access adequate bandwidth for the webinar host  and participants To […]