Clinical Trial Guidelines


PIC/s Annex 2A for ATMPs – GMP Regulation Updates

This article provides an introduction to the PIC/S Annex 2A updates in Version 15 in relation to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements for Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMPs). PIC/s guidance on ATMPs and biological medicines: what changed in PIC/S Version 15? GMP requirements for the production of ATMPs (in Annex 2A) are now in a […]


Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Inspections Program

New online courses available for clinical trials and GCP compliance training. The latest online training courses at relate to drug safety through GCP (clinical trials) and pre-and post-marketing pharmacovigilance (drug safety surveillance and adverse event reporting/SAE reporting). These courses cover pharmaceutical development quality management systems (QMS) and quality risk management (QRM), drug approval processes, […]